Invite Wording

Invites can vary in formality and can come from anyone! Traditionally the invite comes from the Bride’s parents, but this is easily changeable. It is also common nowadays for the Bride and Groom to send the invite themselves, and often a more informal wording is used.

Below are two of the most common invitation wordings. I can easily find others for your invitations, and am happy to put any text you wish into your stationery.

Traditional Wedding text wording

Mr and Mrs ____(surname____
request the pleasure of the company of
at the wedding of their daughter

on ____(date)_____
at ____(location)____

RSVP by ____(date)____

Informal invitation from the Bride and Groom

____(Bride)____ and ____(Groom)____
invite you to share in their love and happiness
of their wedding
on ____(date)____
at ____(location)____

RSVP by ____(date)____


All couples have different ideas and timescales when it comes to sending out invites for their wedding. A general guideline is to send all the invites out (at once if possible) approximately two months before the wedding, with an RSVP date of three weeks before the wedding date.

If you are planning a wedding quite far in advance you may wish to send out Save the Date cards. Generally these can be sent any time from 4-12 months in advance of your wedding date.